About Us

  • "I would recommend them to anyone thinking of using a dry-cleaning or stain removal service"

    - Christine Bourke

Vogue 8 Stage Garment Care

1. Initial Check:
Garments are inspected for cleaning including checking pockets, buttons, detailing and stains. 
2. Stain Removal: 
Marks are pre-treated to loosen stains to maximize the effect of the cleaning process.
3. Cleaning: 
Garments are sorted for colour and the cleaning process to ensure each article receives the correct procedure. Cleaning is carried out by our highly skilled professionals.
4. Inspection: 
All garments go through a post cleaning inspection for stain removal, cleanliness and condition.
5. Repairs: 
Any minor repairs are carried out – missing buttons, fallen hems, seams.
6. Finishing: 
Your garments are pressed appropriately by our team of professional garment pressers to achieve and flawless finish.
7. Inspection:
Garments are individually re-inspected for colour, stain removal and press quality.
8. Packing: 
Your garment order is brought together and packaged on hangers or boxed and protected by film or garment bags for safe return.